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Why Donate to Humanitarian Assistance Fund?

Orpe Human Rights Advocates works to restoring dignity to suffering population through the provision of humanitarian-centered services and assistance. OHRA goal is to contribute to the works that is being done by the U.S. State Department, specialized institutions of the United Nations, and other NGOs to save lives and alleviate suffering by ensuring that vulnerable and crisis-affected individuals receive assistance and protection.  Our humanitarian actions provide humanitarian services and life-saving assistance to millions of displaced and crisis-affected people, including refugees, children, and wherever lives of civilian population are in peril.

Our assistance provides urgent, life-saving support, including food, shelter, safe drinking water, improved sanitation and hygiene, emergency healthcare services, child protection programs, and education, among other activities.  This assistance is provided as close to refugees’ homes as possible in order to ensure timely access to assistance and mitigate against the need for dangerous onward travel.  This approach also helps facilitate the safe and voluntary return to their countries of origin, if and when conditions allow them to do so.

Orpe Human Rights Advocates is set to providing protection, easing suffering, and resolving the plight of persecuted and forcibly displaced people around the world. We do this by coordinating humanitarian actions and cooperating with other organizations partners, providing life-sustaining assistance, working with multilateral organizations and make part of global partnerships, and promoting best practices in humanitarian response.

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