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Campaigning Against Torture & Injust Imprisonment

Every day around the world, there are people being tortured or imprisoned by their government because of who they are or what they believe. People’s human rights are violated. People are convicted in unfair trials, prisoners are tortured, communities are forcibly evicted, people disappear after being taken from their homes by government officials, and people are put in prison because of their identity or their beliefs. Those people are not able to defend their own fundamental rights.


Orpe Human Rights Advocates was found within the idea of defending the causes of at-risk people who cannot assert their own fundamental rights.  This goal is accomplished through the possibility of ending abuses on the fellow human being by taking action on behalf of other people and spreading divine truth around the world. At risk of persecution individuals are assigned to case managers who will be advocating and establishing relationships with governments and international organizations. Advocacy is conducted through various channels including messaging the governments. The goal is to instill hope and ultimately help free people unjustly deprived of their liberties. 

Instilling Hope

OHRA works with the individuals and their families to develop strategies and establish the efficient ways to handle the case.  The goal is  to establish a framework of possibilities that will bring about change in the individual cases and the systems responsible for them.

  • We conduct research to identify individual cases and patterns of human rights abuses, working closely with local organizations and affected communities.

  • We launch ongoing campaigns to free individuals and address the underlying causes of human rights abuses. 

  • We mobilize rapid response in emergency cases, where people’s freedom and lives are under immediate threat. 

  • We train local groups on how to campaign for an individual case. Find a local group near you .

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